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Reaching NET zero
the easy way 

Comprehensice Climate Technology solutions for businesses

ComprehensiVe range of sustainability products and services

Achieving a carbon-free future will require a combination of efforts from individuals, governments, and businesses. Together, we can secure a Carbon Free future for all 

LnkTechnologies is a leading provider in green technologies for industries hard to de-carbonize, bringing advanced solutions for businesses. Our range of products and services helps you reduce emissions, save energy, and make more sustainable decisions for a healthier planet.

Analysis and Reporting

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We offer the most reliable and comprehensive AI powered Energy Management and GHG reporting tool on the market.

CarbonLnk can easily visualise complex operations data for industries who need to make smart investments, optimise operations, forecast energy usage and track ROI of sustainability investments

Implementation of recommendations

The transition to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric and geothermal power is crucial to achieving a carbon-free future. Lnk Technologies has developed a network of partners to implement easily our recommendations. 

Sustainability as a Service

Government initiatives and policies are providing a framework for countries, companies and individual to go netZero. Trading compliance, ESG strategic plans and Carbon reporting are all becoming the new normal. 

Sphere on Spiral Stairs

how do we take you on the journey 

We follow a 7 steps approach - supported by our intelligent AI driven technology, expert's knowledge and a network of specialized companies in the field. 

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Accurate real time energy monitoring


Building management system data


AI powered recommendations


ROI model on renewable energy sources


ISO 14001 compliance tracking

Grow Your Vision

Our Partners

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Are You Ready to go Net Zero?

With the right team, insightful data, reliable technology and a clear road map, going NetZero shouldn't cost the earth 

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